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Floppy Knights Brings Adventures to Xbox and PC Game Pass in Q2 2022 – GameSpace.com

Save yourself for epic card battle quests when Rose City Games brings Floppy Knights to Xbox and PC Game Pass in Q2 2022.

Announced late last night, Floppy Knights is set to introduce players to a brilliant young inventor and her sidekick as they face off against a range of monsters, misfits and errant inventions in this upcoming card battle. Taking control of brilliant programmer Phoebe and her own plus-one chrome, Carlton, players can experience the mighty Floppy Knights, floppy disks transformed into tangible projections of plants, monsters and other collectible battle creatures, before participate in the annual Gadget Cup for the winner’s cash prize.

As you wander through this cute 2D creation, you’ll face off against a range of troublemakers and never do any good. There’s plenty to do, whether it’s saving crops from hungry Goblin Grunts, rescuing an ogre trapped at the base of an active volcano, or preventing the Science Fair from being postponed. To finish above all of these encounters, players can build a deck based on Phoebe’s creations. Succulent Kickers, Skateboard Ghosts, and the dreaded Big Mad are just a few of the real-life floppies you’ll be able to use while completing a series of mail quests and side objectives along the way. However, I wouldn’t be too distracted by those extra lenses. Phoebe’s nemesis and serial impersonator Alex will be hot on your trail. With all the usual deck-building mechanics in play, Floppy Knights stands out for its whimsical charm, which seems to spill over from games like Dicey Dungeons. This influence is clearly evident thanks to Marlowe Dobbe.

“From catchy melodies and an original story to a playful art style, everything about Floppy Knights has been designed to create a special gaming experience,” said Marlowe Dobbe, Creative Director of Floppy Knights. “There’s drama, comedy, action and lots of fun. We can only hope people enjoy the gameplay as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Floppy Knights debuts on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (via backwards compatibility), Xbox and PC Game Pass, and Steam for Windows and Mac users in Q2 2022 for $19.99. It will support English language. The game’s soundtrack is now available to purchase for $7.99 and stream via band camp or take a look at official website for more details.