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Fortnite Uncharted skins include video game and movie versions of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer

Almost as soon as Epic started teasing an upcoming Uncharted collaboration by sending treasure maps from select content creators, the community solved the riddle and revealed the Fortnite Uncharted skins we had heard about. If you were wondering if the skins would be based on the Naughty Dog games or the new movie hitting theaters next week, your best guess is good no matter what. Cosmetics include alternate styles for Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer that capture both their game and movie likenesses.

The Uncharted Collaboration will launch on February 17 at 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET, while a new in-game item, Drake’s Map, will arrive in-game the following morning. Drake’s Map acts like the Chapter 1 Treasure Maps that some players might remember, leading players in search of buried “treasure”, which in Fortnite means great loot for your inventory.

Because the game and movie likenesses for the heroes are different fashions, not totally different skins, this means that anyone who buys either version of either hero will have instant access to both. There will also likely be a bundle including both heroes as well as all Uncharted cosmetics. Here’s everything you can expect in the Item Shop in a few days:

  • Nathan Drake Skin
  • Chloe Frazer Skin
  • Chloe’s Pack back bling
  • Used Saber Pickaxe
  • Parashurama Ax Pickaxe
  • Sully’s “new” seaplane glider
  • Update Journal Emote

fortnite players solved the puzzle surrounding this reveal so quickly that Epic didn’t even have the trailer publicly available yet when players broke through the password-protected barrier on the website. To be fair, “sicparvismagna” is perhaps the most obvious password you can try if you’ve played Uncharted games.

The Uncharted movie will launch on February 18, just hours after its stars arrive as Fortnite characters. If you’d rather stick to games, the Legacy of Thieves Collection, which these skins are based on, recently launched on PS5 and PC.

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