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Forza Street mobile game stops

Forza’s iOS and Android spin-off Forza Street receives its latest update as Microsoft announces plans to shut down mobile gaming later this year.

Forza Street car lineup

Forza has been part of the Microsoft ecosystem since the first Forza Motorsport released for the original Xbox in 2005. The racing simulation franchise is a big hit on Xbox and PC. However, the series also tried to branch out with the Android and iOS spinoffs. Forza Street.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Forza Street the experiment was not as successful as Microsoft hoped. Developer Electric Square released the latest patch for the game on Monday, and servers will shut down later this year.


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Because Forza Street depends on its central servers to function, the game will be definitely dead once those servers go offline this spring. As such, the final patch serves to initiate the process of taking the mobile game offline. The fix disables all in-game microtransactions, with Microsoft refunding all purchases made in the past 30 days. It also dramatically reduces all purchases using in-game currency. Players will also find significantly increased energy storage and recharge rates while the patch dramatically reduces wait times for the auto show.

Forza Street game

Additionally, the patch adds an all-new car, allowing players to complete their collection before the game goes offline. To help with that, Forza Street has a 12 Week Spotlight featuring rare and epic cars. The Spotlight begins on January 17th and will likely be players’ last chance to fill their virtual garage. Microsoft did not announce the exact date and time Forza Street servers closed. However, it’s likely to happen soon after the Spotlight ends on April 11.

Forza Street wasn’t necessarily a bad game, but it certainly had its critics, and it’s easy to see why. Originally published under the title Miami Street, the game is very limited compared to its PC and console cousins. Forza Street revolves around short, quick runs instead of multi-lap business in the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon Games. This was likely to help the game run on low-end mobile devices. The controls are also much more limited, with the steering being handled automatically. Player interaction is limited to acceleration, braking and increasing nitrogen speed.

The above differences alone may have been enough to transform some Forza fans of the mobile title. However, Forza Street has also received criticism for having predatory microtransactions, which is an endemic problem with mobile games in general. Also worth mentioning is the flack Forza Street took for its use of a limited energy pool, which seriously handicapped the progress of the game. These factors and the generally hostile reception of Forza fans might be a part of the reason Forza Street was not the shot it had to be.

Forza Street is available on PC, Android and iOS until spring 2022.

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Source: Forza Support, Windows Central

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