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Free mobile game Chocobo GP appears in the Switch version

Before CU of chocobos, the new Switch racing episode featuring the famous Final Fantasy bird, Square Enix has released a mobile action game Also called Chocobo GP’. The only difference is the quote after the name and how it is played.

While the Switch entry is a straightforward and competitive racing title, the mobile entry is more about balancing. It uses only two virtual buttons. Move the Chocobo, which has a Moogle named Alta perched on its back, forward. The other pushes them back. You must get from one end of the level to the other as quickly as possible, collecting treasures along the way. There will eventually be jumps and hazards as you do. When you encounter them, you need to position the Chocobo with both buttons to make sure it lands safely.

There are a few customization items. As you play, you can adjust the Chocobo’s stats. You can also try to get better times or high scores. It is uncertain whether the mobile game connects to the Switch slice to unlock anything.

Here are some screenshots of the title.

Chocobo GP’ is available now on mobile devices and the Switch game will be released on March 10, 2022.