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Fusion is Bilibili’s next mecha RPG mobile game for global audiences

In recent years, the apocalyptic battlefield Roleplay games have conquered the market. The growing demand for such games has led to growing competition among developers to develop the best games. Now, from the house of BILIBILI, Artery Gear: Fusion is set for worldwide release on mobile devices very soon. With Artery Gear: Fusion, the studio aims to get their hands on the global market. The game will be available for both android and iOS platforms.

Engage in puppet warfare with the almighty mech girls

Artery Gear: Fusion is a apocalyptic battlefield RPG game, set in the future. In the game, the earth is attacked by a mysteriously dangerous life form, the puppets. Users will be tasked with forming a team of highly skilled mech girls. These girls will fight the dangerous “puppets” and their task is to defeat and destroy the puppets to restore peace on earth.

Artery Gear: Fusion follows a turn-based system, where users will act as a mech girl squad commander. Players will have full control of the game which means the outcome of the game is solely based on their strategy and plans which will be made using the skills and abilities that the different characters possess. To become victorious, players will need to effectively use the skills of different characters’ abilities to defeat enemies and win the battle.

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The game unfolds around an immersive apocalyptic story and features extremely realistic graphics resulting from the combination of 3D and Spine Technology, it makes the game more interesting. On the other hand, the game has several mech girls with special abilities and skills that can be used to face the fiercest battles and come out victorious.

The game is ready for a closed beta test in some regions

However, Artery Gear: Fusion will be available very soon. Currently, the development team is conducting a closed beta test (CBT) and the game is available for pre-registration in some regions like Malaysia and Singapore. Android and iOS users can pre-register for CBT. Users can keep up to date with all the information by visiting the official website or visiting the official social media handles.

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