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Gala Games’ mobile game Eternal Paradox will be released on June 7

Justin! Eternal Paradox has been approved as it passed a nodal vote today at Galaverse in Malta. As the game is now approved, they announced that the Android version of the game is coming TOMORROW! (June 7)

Eternal paradox is a new 4X/RPG hybrid powered by Web3 and blockchain. Previously, the game was pending node approval by the founder, but today the game passed a node vote and is expected to launch on PC, Mac, and iOS. (Android version coming tomorrow)

Eternal paradox

Eternal Paradox is a universe of its own where you can explore the world, train your mercenaries and develop your castle. As gala games put it, “you need a place to call home”.

In the Eternal Paradox universe, you need a land where you can rest after your fight, grow stronger and produce valuable resources.

Explore, exploit, develop and exterminate

What makes Eternal Paradox interesting is that the game not only follows the 4X standard, but also RPG-style combat that makes turn-based combat a whole new experience.

Gala Games’ mobile game Eternal Paradox will be released on June 7 2

Each season in Eternal Paradox consists of 9 weeks. Once every 9 weeks, will start the Battle for the Ring of Ruin. Winning this competition is the ultimate goal of every payer.

At launch, there will be 20 mercenaries that you can collect and train as you prepare for battle.

As you complete activities and tasks, you earn Silver Points which determine your rank. A higher rank means you earn more EPX tokens.

The sale of title deeds

Gala Games has announced the first-ever Land Deeds for its game, Eternal Paradox. In-game, Land Deeds will be available as NFT.

Land Deeds are classified into 6 rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Ancient

As you own rarer lands, more and more players will want to build their castles on your land. As more players use your land, you earn more money points.

The higher the rarity of the land, the larger it will be and the closer it will be to the void zone. Castles built on such lands can benefit from magical energies coming from the Void Zone.

There are two main benefits of owning land in Eternal Paradox:

  • Choose buffs to grant to friendly players on your lot
  • Earn money daily for other players’ activities performed on your land

The sale of land titles – Details

Starting at 1:45 p.m. MT and 4:45 a.m. PT, the land sale will begin with an introductory price for Galaverse participants in Malta.

As the days go by, the land deeds will be made available to more members of the community. If you want to stay updated, don’t forget to join their Discord because they will make announcements there.

The public sale, however, is expected to begin on June 9.

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