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GameRefinery: Refinery Features Featured in All Top 100 US Casual Mobile Games | Pocket

Renovation items are a key motivator for mobile gamers and are found in every one of the top 100 grossing casual games released in the US since 2020, according to GameRefinery.

In its new report, Motivations and Demographics Snapshot Report, GameRefinery outlines some of the key determinants of why users are motivated to play mobile games.

GameRefinery outlined the six main motivators that drive user engagement: evasion, social, mastery, management, expression, and exploration. Each motivator has various subcategories that can motivate users to play certain types of games.

A reason to renovate

Renovation elements fall under the phrase motivator and the success of this gameplay feature can be attributed to the desire of the casual mobile game player to “clean up the space and make it better”.

GameRefinery claims that the developers combine motivations with “entirely different” core mechanics to

An example of this is Peak Games’ Royal Match in which players complete match-three puzzles to renovate various rooms.

“Competition for player attention and engagement is fierce in the mobile gaming market,” said Joel Julkunen, vice president of gaming at GameRefinery.

“With so many games to choose from, it has never been more important for publishers and
developers to understand the core motivations of gamers so they can create gaming experiences that keep gamers coming back for more.”

Sensor Tower recently released a report indicating that animal-themed games were the fastest growing theme in the United States in 2021, with consumer spending increasing by 904%.