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Games leaving PC Game Pass: June 2022

The decision to buy a game is difficult. After all, what do you do if you end up not liking the game at all, but have already spent so much money on it? Luckily, PC Game Pass can help gamers solve this dilemma. With PC Game Pass, gamers have access to games without having to buy them at full price.

However, all good things must go, and some games must leave Game Pass. This article lists all the games releasing from PC Game Pass in June 2022.

Darkest Dungeon stands out as one of the best games in the roguelike genre. Although a challenge that will test the player’s wits, the game offers a fascinating experience where you have to overcome adversity in order to succeed. If you’re a fan of turn-based RPGs, Darkest Dungeon might be worth a try.

A third-person action RPG, players can choose one of four characters to traverse the world of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. A spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate games, fans might want to check out this game to see what it has to offer.

What players can expect from GreedFall is action and adventure set in the colonial 17th century. What they might not expect is the supernatural twist that comes with it. If you like games set in historical settings, consider checking out GreedFall. Want to know more about other game offers? Check out this article on Prime Gaming deals for June.

A beautiful yet haunting experience, Limbo is a trial-by-error puzzle platformer about a boy in search of his sister. The game only takes about four hours to complete, so while your time with the game may be short, it’s one you’ll probably never forget.

Worms Rumble is not your standard Worms game. While the series is known for its turn-based tactical gameplay, Worms Rumble is more of a real-time action game. However, it certainly doesn’t lack the humor the series is known for.