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Goonya Monster releases December 4 on PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC

Goonya Monster, a three-on-one fighting action game, is set to release on PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC this December on December 4. PlayStation 5 and Switch versions are announced now. It will support cross-platform multiplayer for all three platforms.

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The asymmetrical three-on-one combat action designed by Terada Tera.

Goonya Monster is a 3-on-1 asymmetrical player-player game, with 3 Busters taking on a monster, with players controlling characters designed by renowned artist Terada Tera.

The Busters wield a unique army of weapons, while the Monsters unleash powerful skills to make them a competitive opponent.

Goonya Monster Set Release Date + Additional Compatible Hardware.

Goonya Monster release time was December 4, 2022.

In addition to Steam, the game will be released on Switch and PlayStation 5.

Multiplayer is multiplayer with ladders.

Goonya Monster is cross-platform compatible. Regardless of the platform you play on, you can play with players from all over the world.

Second trailer: Game System, Games and its tires.

The trailer comes out and introduces the game system for this title, followed by the theme song by popular artist FAKE TYPE. with Chogakusei. As for the ground rules, this video features ghosting after the buster dies, buying weapons and costumes, and character-based skill customization. Additionally, the full version of the music video for the theme song Go on YA WAY will be available on the FAKE TYPE channel in October.

theme song

  • Title: GO A YA WAY!
  • Composer: CHECK TYPE.
  • Off: Dys-yeya (FAX).
  • A GUITAR: Johngarabushi


The music unit consists of Ham Hat Madness (pictured: right), MC and DYES IWASAKI (pictured: left), TrackMaker.

This year, the song Utakata Lullaby became a topic of conversation in the movie One Piece Film Red.


A handsome singer, born in 2001, only 21 years old.

It has received over 250 million views on YouTube! Her beautiful face peeks through a Venetian mask and her ganarali voice, which seems to contradict her face, is that of a singer talking about the city.

Game preview

Buster: Master multiple weapons and carry fixed souls to the goal.

Three players are Busters. Lasers, gunshots and flamethrowers are your weapons to defend yourself against enemies.

The Busters triumph with a fixed amount of Sulfates going on goal. Defeat and respawn enemies that appear throughout the stage and raise their souls.

A stranger of enemies attacks the Busters. Shoot them down before they shoot you down.

It is better for the monsters to fight against each other. That’s the key to victory: working together and coordinating your moves with your teammates.

If you die, you could continue the game as a child.

The buster enters the phantom force when his life reaches zero. Ghosts cannot attack, but they are not attacked by monsters. If you have a Buster near you, you can move, transport, and leave with your souls as usual.

Can you carry souls by yourself?

Monster: Send these little Busters flying with your extravagant skills!

A person is a monk. Attack an enemy until they die using a special weapon. Use a skill unique to the monster to fight the Busters.

The monster takes the Busters, or the time limit of the match.

Predation can be interrupted by other busters. Do your best to keep it away from the fire. It is important to keep children out of bags.

Monsters have unique abilities. Maybe a hidden buster in the walls can be crushed with the building?

Repeat matches and collect hundred pounds of coins and other gold items to sell your wares and products.

Weapons and costumes can be obtained using Soul Coins, an in-game currency that is awarded based on performance in a game. Weapons have different strengths and characteristics. Costumes, on the other hand, are not tied to performance. Collect as much money as you can and have fun coordinating them freely.

You can dress your character in three places: head, body, and face. The mix includes super cute to a little quirky.

What you would appear to look like depends on the current item selection and its meanings. Have fun trying on different outfits.

Among the different types of guns, you can find an easy-to-use weapon.

You have unique abilities to distinguish yourself from other players.

Improve your character’s performance with a “hello” performance.

A character can be adapted to play in Enhancement Gear. Increased attack power can benefit from equipping this gear.

Enhancement Gear is available for purchase and for additional enhancement Soul Gems which can be obtained through performance during matches.

You can even jump so high!

Find out their coins and their enemies using coins.

A number of Soul-Peaks and Soul-Gews, which require customization, can be obtained from Episode Match. Take a look at the storyline that unfolds from one cycle to a regular stage, while battling against players.

Up to four players can play in an episode match. Invite your friends to play together. Up to two people can play an online match on a single console.

There are many different locations for each stage. More locations will be added in future updates.

Character introductions

An incredible cast of well-known voice actors from many successful media titles can voice the characters created by Terada Tera. You can voiceover the game, but you can also voiceover the menu and the system. Stay tuned for even more voices in the future.


A reserved 10-year-old baby.

Cat lovers like to be so popular. When it comes to cats, it’s all the rage.

He was attracted by Goonyan’s feline appearance and decided to fight.


This girl is three years old. She lives independently.

His moral compass is slightly off, with no hesitation when it comes to unloading his weapon.

I told Yvesi that she wanted to become a bust, but she promised the abolition of Gandyans.


Towards his retirement, he has strong intentions.

She is still the most educated and can use athletics as her boot.

She comes from an established family, but that doesn’t stop her from harboring her darkest secret, spending all her money on shopping and paying for gacha.

She’s in it for the money.


A seasoned scientist. He’s the one he hates the most.

He is proficient in weapons. He is able to maintain and modify weapons.

He has no choice but to fight with them.


I think it’s a secret! Cats have their heads but their limbs are tentacles.

Convinced Octo and the others to fight by giving them all their weapons.


Skill: Predatory Dash.

He is berserk and enjoys a lot of a buster!


Skill: Pumpkins need fire.

Launches a bomb that explodes when it hits a Buster or surrounding areas!


Skill: Balloons in water.

Rise from the sky with a balloon and rain explosives down the sky!

There are plenty of other monsters to choose from! Find out for yourself.

Key visual

Watch a new trailer here. You can see the new photo in the gallery.

Goonya Monster – FAKE TYPE. and the Chogakusei trailer.



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