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Gran Saga mobile game gets animated trailer with music by Radwimps

To celebrate the Korean mobile MMORPG Gran Saga Arriving in Japan next month, the game received a special anime promotion for its theme song “MAKAFUKA” by group RADWIMPS (Your name, skate with you). Animation was provided by animation studio CloverWorks, the studio behind Priority to wonder eggs, Neverland promised, and Horimiya.

The staff of the video is an anime wealth embarrassment. In addition to RADWIMPS making the music, the animation is performed by Shinichiro Ushijima, who previously directed the anime drama I want to eat your pancreas. Nobutaka Yoda, who cut the trailer for Alter with you and your name, also edited the video for Great Saga. Genki Kawamura, known for his popular titles, your name, Alter with you, its blue sky, The boy and the beast, and Mirai, produced the clip. Lots of talented people have worked on this and you can certainly tell.

The video is really just an excuse to showcase some awesome visuals and talented music from RADWIMPS, with the Gran Saga the game is barely in it – and when we see the gameplay it’s for a few frames and on the phones of the protagonist in the video. Still, while it doesn’t show much about the game, it’s a really cool video showcasing the work of a bunch of talented people.


Image via Clover Works

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Gran Saga has already been released in South Korea since January this year and will be released in Japan on November 18. Game developer NPIXEL and game publisher GAMEPLEX are planning a Western release date by 2022.

This anime style adventure follows a group of knights who try to save their kingdom from the curse of an evil dragon. Players use the Grans, which “act as a catalyst for weapons and playstyle”. Different Grans provide players with different moves and new combat technique. There are several types of Gran that players can collect and use as they progress through the game.

Gran Saga is also cross-platform, with gameplay available for mobile and PC.

Check out the special music video below:

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