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Hands-On with Indie Puzzle Game ‘Forest of Shale’ – TouchArcade

While there weren’t a ton of indie mobile games at this year’s Tokyo Game Show like we’ve seen in previous years, there were some very enjoyable puzzles on offer. The one I really enjoyed playing was from a developer named PepperBomb. The English title has not yet been chosen, but it roughly translates to shale forest, so let’s go with that. The game is slated to release on iOS and PC later this year in Japan, but the developer says it will be released globally next year.

shale forest is a stage-based puzzle game where you have to use your monsters to attack other monsters on the board until you reach the clear objective. After a certain number of turns, monsters will attack you. If you can’t take them down in time, they’ll finish you off instead. You can fight back using your own monsters, but you have to be careful first because you can only take down monsters in groups. As your monsters level up and evolve, you can eventually eliminate different types of groups. You can also recruit enemy monsters if you have the right item. Like all puzzle games, it’s probably easier to see it in action than to hear it explained. Luckily, we have a video for that.

Although I didn’t quite understand all the mechanics, I certainly enjoyed what I played. shale forest. The presentation was quite charming, with cute monsters, beautiful art, and good sound. The core gameplay was pretty easy to pick up, and as I learned more and more about how the game works, I ended up being impressed with the potential depth it offered.

As mentioned, shale forest is slated for release in Japan later this year. PepperBomb, the developer, said a western version will come later. We’ll watch this one and let you know as we get more information about it, including whatever its final English name is.