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Hit Netflix original All of Us Are Dead to receive mobile game adaptation

Developer IKINA Games has announced on its official Twitter account that it will be adapting the recently released and highly acclaimed Netflix original show All of Us Are Dead into a cross-platform adventure game. This announcement follows the growing popularity of the series, which is currently ranked 3rd among the most viewed series on the platform.

Although details are relatively scarce, IKINA has stated that the game itself will be a story-based adventure title and using what we know from their previous games we can get a general idea of ​​what it’s about. might look like. The company’s previously released OrderZero mobile game used a heavily anime-inspired aesthetic, and judging by the artwork the company shared with the announcement, which is below, that’s also a safe bet for this title. As for gameplay, given how little information we have, it’s hard to say exactly what the game might look like. OrderZero was a top-down action shooter with a loot system, so it looks like IKINA is trying a new genre with this adaptation.

We may not know exactly what the game will look like, but the show itself might help us gather some guesses. All of Us Are Dead is a zombie apocalypse story, set in a high school in South Korea where an epidemic takes place and the students of said school must fight for their lives and survive. The show is adjacent to many zombie stories, with stories and motivations intertwined between each character, leading to compelling character drama as well as some very cool action scenes. Given this information, a story-based adventure title could work very well to adapt the show into a playable video game.

This adapted version of All of Us Are Dead will launch on PC platforms by the second half of 2022 according to IKINA Games, and will then gradually roll out to modern and mobile consoles by early 2033. The company also confirmed a worldwide localization without a delayed broadcast. To stay up to date on news regarding All of Us Are Dead, keep an eye on IKINA Games’ social media handles, as well as their official website.

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