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Hohokum is finally available on PC

Hohokum is no longer a PlayStation exclusive, it’s finally making the leap to PC and is now ready to be purchased on Steam.

This news was announced during Annapurna Interactive’s recent competition which revealed that many of the publisher’s titles coming to various systems were very popular. One such title is Hokokum, a colorful 2D sandbox game from Honeyslug that was released in 2014 by Sony Santa Monica Studio. The title is still only available on PS3, PSV and PS4, but now almost eight years after its first release.


This article: Stray was not intended to exist as a video game; because it’s worth resonating with, that’s a good thing.

When the game first came out and you wondered what it was all about, Hohokum played as a long snake-like creature and tasks you with casually exploring a number of vibrant worlds with no real goal. . If you want an action-packed title, you’ll have to keep looking because Hokokum was originally praised for its relaxing vibes, colorful art style, and soothing music.

As has been said before, Hohokum is just one of the countless games that are coming to new systems. The Outer Wilds is a hugely popular title that appeared during the show, and it’s coming to Xbox Series X and PS5 in September. Annapurna also has new games to play, including a cooperative creature-collecting game called Flock, a survival horror game called Lost Wild – which won’t pit you against wild dinosaurs, and a Wild West shooter. called Bounty Star – which includes Titanfall – like mechs.

If you want to understand what Annapurna Interactive said recently, it’s been a huge hit with everyone’s favorite cat simulator, Stray. The game sparked the emergence of Steam’s biggest of 2022 games. It is considered very popular with the modding community. Several confusing mods are already available for download, including one that turns the cat into CJ from GTA: San Andreas with downright horrifying results.