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How “Old Friends” Mobile Game Helps Homeless Senior Dogs

Microtransactions are a ubiquitous part of the game. They generate billions of dollars in revenue every year, though many gamers resent them, calling them quick seizure of money for virtual items. But a game developer wants to make microtransactions more meaningful and a little more cuddly. New mobile game “Old friends, the original idea of ​​a developer based in New Zealand Runaway game, will allow you to help old dogs through in-game microtransactions.

Based on a real sanctuary for older dogs in Tennessee, the yummy game lets you do everything from baking treats for the puppies to presenting them live. But when you buy a virtual costume or a chest of baking supplies, you are helping the developers with a particular purpose. For each month that the game is profitable, the developers have committed to cover the medical expenses of one of the “old friends” who live at the sanctuary.

Runaway gamenarrative director of, Lisa blakie, tells Yahoo that personal interest sparked the idea for the game.

“My friends and I really got into those pet sitter niche Facebook pages around 2016,” Blakie said. “It’s been a tumultuous year (in New Zealand) and we found solace in going online and saying ‘Oh, look at that dog!’ So I was in flight with the Creative Director of Runaway discussing our dream games, and I brought up the idea of ​​making one based on the Old Friends Dog Sanctuary, which I’m a huge fan of. Finally, we reached out to the shrine and they said, “Yeah! Let’s do it! ‘”

Noel Kiswiney, marketing director of the sanctuary, says they loved the idea of ​​playing a game on their beloved residents. And the game has attracted a lot of new attention to dogs since its release, boosting its Facebook and Instagram followers and sparking new interest in adoptions, according to Kiswiney. One fan was so inspired after discovering the real refuge that she came to Old Friends to apply for a job.

“She found out about us after playing the game and realized that she lived nearby,” Kiswiney said. “And now she’s one of our babysitters.”

Virtual items could translate into real help for one of the dogs at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Tennessee.

“Old Friends” isn’t the only game that has tried to use microtransactions for charity. “Virtue Reality“, a 2019 game where microtransactions raised funds for food, water and medical aid to those in need, was an innovative effort but did not have a major impact on the App Store. “Old Friends”, on the other hand, has racked up over 4,700 ratings since its debut two weeks ago. in the Apple App Store, help people around the world discover the shrine and help support its residents.

The charitable microtransaction initiative seems to be catching on, especially in the animal welfare world. “To the rescue!”, An upcoming game on the same theme for PC and Nintendo Switch, also promises to donate 20% of its profits to Petfinder Foundation. In short, if your pandemic frayed heart is soothed by petting dogs and doing good in the world, these wholesome games may be just what you are looking for.