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How Pokemon Puzzle League Stands Out From The Average Puzzle Game

It was a good year for Pokemon fans thanks to the franchise’s many releases. In January, players were able to enjoy Pokemon Legends: Arceus which allows players to go back in time and explore the Hisui region, but that’s not all Pokemon has to offer in 2022. Players can also expect pokemon scarlet and Purple, the next main entry, out in November. The setting has yet to be fully revealed, although hints suggest the area may be inspired by Spain. Recently, Nintendo announced that Pokemon Puzzle League would also make a return, and it will be part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass.


Pokemon Puzzle League was first released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000, and its return will allow a new generation of gamers to experience it. While its gameplay isn’t particularly unique, it does do a few things to differentiate itself from other puzzle games on the market. As players eagerly await pokemon scarlet and Purplethe exit, Pokemon Puzzle League is the perfect game for Pokemon fans to play.

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What is Pokemon Puzzle League?

Pokemon Puzzle League is a tile matching game that requires players to clear the tile screen by aligning tiles of the same color. The game features several modes, including a normal 2D mode and a 3D mode where players must match tiles around a cylinder that can be rotated. The game also has a multiplayer mode that allows players from all over the world to compete against each other or aim for the highest score on the leaderboard.

Pokemon Puzzle League is just one of many Nintendo 64 games that have been added to Nintendo Switch Online in an effort to attract more subscribers. Other classic Nintendo titles on the subscription service include Pokemon Snap, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeand Kirby Chapter 64: Crystal Shards. Pokemon Puzzle League will be available for subscribers to play starting July 15.

Pokemon Puzzle League is pure Pokemon fun

Certainly, Pokemon Puzzle League is not the first tile matching game, and most gamers will probably notice how similar its gameplay is to Candy Crush Saga‘s. However, with a little framing, Pokemon Puzzle League manages to set itself apart from its competition by taking the experience of becoming a Pokemon master and translating it into the world of puzzle games.

The game begins with Ash Ketchum receiving a call from Professor Oak who tells him he should head over to the Pokemon Puzzle League, which Ash eagerly does. The same way as Pokemon players would train their Pokemon and fight their way through Gym Leaders on a regular basis Pokemon Game, Pokemon Puzzle League players compete and match tiles to climb the leaderboard and become the best player. The Pokemon The theme is constantly reinforced with beautiful background artwork featuring cute Pokémon and familiar Pokémon characters, as well as a soundtrack that features Pokémon cries. The tiles that players match also feature elemental symbols that fans will recognize from the Pokemon maps.

Pokemon Puzzle League will be a treat for Pokemon fans looking for a nostalgic experience, especially for those who played the game on Nintendo 64. Although Nintendo’s subscription service has been criticized for its high price, the addition games like this could help make it more appealing to gamers. Although it is not the headliner who Pokemon scarlet and violet will is a fun way to get her Pokemon to fix.

Pokemon Puzzle League will be available on July 15 for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers.

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