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Hundreds of Steam games discounted in new PC games sale

Green Man Gaming’s Icon Sale slashes the prices of hundreds of games through April 29, including Fallout 76, Assassin’s Creed Walhalla, Loop of death, and more. The sale revolves around offering “iconic games at iconic prices”, so you’ll find an extensive catalog filled with great games.

The Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up for the High Isle expansion later this year, but today you can grab the previous one black wood extension for only $14. The DLC takes you to the swamplands of Leyawiin as you investigate a series of political murders and stop a Daedric invasion. It also includes the base game and all pre-Blackwood chapters, giving you years of content to explore.

Elden Ring might be the hottest game of the year so far, but if you’re done with it or just want something more affordable, consider picking up the Code Vein deluxe edition. This Soulslike gives you plenty of deadly bosses to face, and the key to victory lies in quick reflexes, memorizing patterns, and lots of patience.

It’s been on sale several times this year, but Death Loop worth more than a $25 purchase. It walked away with our Game of the Year 2021 award, thanks to tight gunplay, a gripping time-loop narrative, and fantastic art direction.

Over 500 products are on sale, so be sure to check out the full catalog. We’ve also highlighted a few of our favorite deals below.

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