Puzzle game

Independent puzzle game room is now expanding on Steam

Solve tough problems in “Room to Grow”, a puzzle game growing plants on Steam for PC and Mac today!

In Room to Grow, players must solve a succulent forest full of thorny puzzles, learn to maneuver like a cactus in order to put other cacti back into their pots, and with each puzzle solved, help them return home to the desert. Secrets and surprises await those who are brave enough to take on the thorny challenges of each game world.

“I hope the surprises I left for players will leave a lasting impression on them, just as the games that inspired me did for me,” commented Mischka Kamener, creator and developer of Room to Grow, “I’m incredibly grateful to Film Victoria for believing in me and my game – without it I couldn’t have made Room to Grow what it is today.

Key features of growth capacity:

  • Over 100 handcrafted puzzles
  • Discover unexpected mechanics that will change your mind unlike any other puzzle game
  • Play As You Like – Cancel and restart as often as you like, skip puzzles if you like
  • No timer, no action items, no move counter – This game is all about the satisfaction of solving puzzles
  • With a delicious soundtrack by Romain Rope