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Indie puzzle game Bomb Club Deluxe is now on Steam

Last year, Antoine Latour developed and published his indie puzzle game, bomb club, for iOS and Android devices. The game was reasonably well received on both platforms. It has about 4.5 stars on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Now, bomb club extends beyond mobile platforms. Today, with the help of the editor Lozange Lab, Latour is releasing Bomb Club Deluxe on Steam.

In Bomb Club Deluxe, the goal is to create a chain reaction of bomb explosions in order to complete each level. Of course, what better way to detonate bombs than with more bombs? This is where the puzzle aspect comes in. The player has an arsenal of explosives, but each has a different effect, so you’ll need to think about the outcome before acting. Bombshells can also wear hats. If this is a little confusing for you, the game’s Steam page can clarify:

Hats are the pinnacle of bomb technology. Put one on a bomb and it will have a new effect! With the party hat, helmet, top hat, and other fashionable headwear, you’ll never run out of options and your bombshells will never run out of style!

What’s new in Bomb Club Deluxe?

The original version of bomb club is still available for mobile, but if you’re looking for a better overall experience, then Bomb Club Deluxe is the best option. According to the game’s official website, Bomb Club Deluxe is the definitive way to play this indie puzzle game:

Bomb Club Deluxe is an enhanced version of the game, specially designed for PC. It comes with new levels and dialogues, remastered graphics and many more surprises!

Today’s press release provided a comprehensive feature list for the game, which includes over 200 levels and an optional story (the press release notes that the dialogue “can be skipped if you’re only here for riddles!”).

Bomb Club Deluxe is now available on Steam. A demo is also available, so you can try it before you buy.