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Indie Puzzle Game Please, Touch The Artwork Announces Release Date

Indie Puzzle Game Please touch the illustration has an official release date. In a press release earlier today, the developer, Studio Waterzooi, announced that the game would be released on Steam, iOS, and Android on January 26, 2022.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Studio Waterzooi is an independent studio founded by Thomas Waterzooi, who previously worked at Larian Studios. Divinity: Original Sin and IO Interactive Hitman. Please touch the illustration is his first solo game. Today’s press release summarizes what players can expect from the puzzle game:

“Part zen puzzle, part narrative adventure, you’ll explore the secret world behind iconic abstract paintings through over 150 puzzles. An aesthetic journey to the origins of modern art, set to a soothing jazzy soundtrack.

Please touch the illustration will feature a story with puzzles based on famous works of art, as well as an endless Zen mode where players can solve procedurally generated puzzles.

In addition to the game, the press release also mentioned related art installation projects:

“Two art installations on the same theme from Studio Waterzooi are also on the way: Please touch the illustration gives you carte blanche because the rope of the museum is cut and invites you to question cultural norms. Landscape artist without landscape allows you to create the landscape for a painter who misses his sight.

On January 10, Studio Waterzooi posted a “sneak peek” of one of these art installations on YouTube. The clip is 25 seconds long and features an interactive painting that appears to respond to user input like a touch screen. Check it out below:

Indie Puzzle Game Please, Touch the Artwork will be released on Steam, iOS and Android on January 26 and on Nintendo Switch later this year. It is currently available for pre-order on the Apple App Store. Users who pre-order Please touch the illustration from the App Store will receive a 20% discount.