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Is Bungie’s Next Non-Destiny IP a Mobile Game? Not so fast

A new job listing is turning some heads this morning as Bungie continues to prepare to promote and publish new IPs that are outside of the Destiny universe.

We know they have several incubating projects and have pledged at least one by 2024, although it’s unclear how many in total will move from incubation to production.

The registration in question today (via TheGamePost) is for a Senior Marketing Manager for one of the new IPs, and the catchy part is this, under the “nice to have” skills:

“Experience with enterprise-wide live operations, games as a service, MMOs, F2P and mobile”

This led to a lot of “Is this going to be a mobile game ??” questions, of course, but I think the truth is probably more complicated.

First of all, although there are GaS, MMO, and F2P mobile games, or a combination thereof, it does not necessarily mean that a GaS, MMO, or F2P game To being mobile like I mean… it’s Destiny. Fate is all of those things (free to try, at least).

Second, the line below is:

“Knowledge of the gaming space on PC and console“, which would certainly imply that this IP address arrives on these platforms.

My best guess for what’s going on here is that we might be looking at the IP with a mobile version you can play, but not necessarily a full mobile game. It could be either a companion app / game or a real mobile version like Genshin Impact.

It’s easy to mix up all of these new IP hints, but in the past we’ve had hints on at least one upcoming IP:

  • PvP focused
  • Focused on hero combat
  • Potentially a “lighter” world

Again, we’re not sure if all of them are describing the same game or not, but if so, we might consider a dedicated PvP hero shooter (?) With a mobile version. It might be a description that annoys some people, but the realities of the market are that staying off mobile isn’t exactly the wisest idea, given the vast oceans of money that lie ahead. But no I don’t think Bungie would go fully mobile with a game exclusive to this platform.

We also have to keep in mind that Bungie has already secured a $ 100 million investment from Chinese NetEase, a company that is currently co-developing Diablo Immortal with Blizzard. So there is your other very clear mobile connection when it comes to future projects.

In short, don’t be shocked when Bungie’s next IP address has a mobile item or version attached to it. This is what I think we are seeing here.

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