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Is Vampire Survivors on PC Game Pass?

With Vampire Survivors becoming a massive hit on PC, many are hoping the game will be rolled into the PC Gamepass subscription service. The game became a huge hit in the indie world, with many reviewers praising the game for its intense action, beautiful pixel art, and Castlevania games fan service. The game is a rogue-like bullet hell style shooter, where you play as a variety of monster hunters trying to survive an endless night being hunted by vampires (Bloodborne crossover when?). You try to survive as long as you can and try to find a way to break through the endless night.

While any PC fan can run it on Steam, especially given its $2.99 ​​price tag, some still wish it was on Game Pass. Fortunately, the game was released on the PC version of Game Pass. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the Xbox consoles themselves, so console fans are going to be left in the rain on this one.

The game was released on May 19 alongside Farming Simulator 22 on the service, launching among an already strong library for May’s Gamepass with games like Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Jurassic World Evolution 2 and the new Sniper Elite 5.