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Jurassic Park could have a new mobile game

A new trademark filing by Universal City Studios found online may be a sign Jurassic Park is getting yet another mobile game.


Along with any beloved film series, the many video games designed to throw fans straight into the world described therein. With fantastic sets and ideas like those in Aliens and jurassic park, there are many ideas available that could spark the idea of ​​a game or two for the enjoyment of the players. jurassic park, in particular, has seen tons of video game titles over the years, and it looks like fans might have a new mobile game to look forward to soon if a trademark registration is to be believed.

With the advent of mobile games, many companies have tried to create accessible experiences for gamers on the go, like the hugely popular open-world title of MiHoYo. Genshin Impact, as well as newer games with Pokémon United. jurassic park already has two active mobile games at the moment with Jurassic World: The Game and Living Jurassic World.

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A new Universal City Studios registered trademark has been found on Trademarkia for “Jurassic World Primal Ops” with a long description that reveals a few things, but not too much. The description describes the use of the mark as “downloadable interactive multimedia software for playing games”, including computers, wired and wireless communication devices and video game consoles.


What leads fans and theorists who visit the brand’s page to believe this is a mobile title is that the brand’s keywords only mention mobile devices and computers. . Some have speculated that through the description of the game it could be another AR title like Living Jurassic World, which has players wondering if it will go well with two of them in the market.

Some fans are disappointed that there appears to be yet another jurassic park mobile title coming soon, but nothing is confirmed yet. Trademark can be registered, but it should be taken with care until an official announcement is revealed, as plans may still change with this “Primal Ops” project during development. It’s even hard to say that the project could only be mobile right now, as the description mentions consoles and even the keywords mention computers.

Mobile titles having a PC version aren’t anything new, as games like Yu Gi Oh ! Duel links, among others, have a PC port. There’s still a good chance it’s a mobile title, but there may be other ways fans can play it other than that. Some fans have speculated that while this game isn’t just for mobile, it could be announced during the next rollout, but for now the only thing gamers can take with this game is the speculation while waiting for more jurassic park new.

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