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Just Cause Mobile Game Delayed

Just Cause: Mobile gets a big delay, with Square Enix pushing the game back to 2022 due to issues related to the COVID pandemic.

During the presentation of the Game Awards last year, Square Enix announced that it will bring the Just cause series to mobile devices, showing a trailer for Just cause: Mobile. While the game’s reveal featured a release window in 2021, it looks like the portable version of the series needs a bit more time than expected in the oven, with the team behind the title recently confirming that it has been pushed back.

As announced on the game’s official Twitter account, Just cause: mobile will now launch in 2022, with a statement from Square Enix citing the COVID pandemic as the main reason for the decision. “We had to adapt to a new way of working,” the statement said, adding that these changes have caused “delays in our development schedule.”

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Just cause: mobile joins a range of titles that have pushed back their release dates due to the unintended consequences of the pandemic, including Hogwarts Legacy, Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Gotham Knights, Need of speed, Sifu, and the new one God of the war. Just yesterday another title joined this list, Tango Gameworks confirming its delay Ghostwire Tokyo to 2022 to help protect the health of those involved.

For those who have not followed Just Cause: Mobile, the game will revolve around a new cast of characters and feature a new story set in the Just cause universe. contrary to Just cause Typical third-person chaos, its mobile spin-off will be framed from a top-down isometric view, seeing players navigate open-world environments, engage in multiplayer PVP battles, and enjoy a mode online challenge. The latter allows players to compete against each other in various fun competitions, such as frenzied races and battles to see who can cause the most destruction in a limited amount of time.

The Just cause: mobile The cinematic trailer shown during E3 was a strong indicator of the tone Square seeks to capture through the spin-off, see a squad of four figures fight their way through a heavily guarded military base as they are on top of rockets, flying helicopters, and cars through the walls. This already looks like an interesting new take on the franchise that will always be familiar to Just cause Fans.

While players wait for the 2022 release, they can dive into the main series, which currently has four entries. The last, Just cause 4, was released in 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, seeing the return of protagonist Rico Rodríguez traveling to the fictional land of Solís. There, he is confronted with all-new dynamic weather effects, including chaotic tornadoes and sandstorms, as well as an army of elusive enemies called the Black Hand.

Just cause: mobile is expected to launch in 2022 for mobile devices.

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