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Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is coming to PC, Switch and mobile

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cup will be released this month for PC and Mac via the Steam, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS platforms.

The Director’s Cut is a reimagined version of the point-and-click mystery adventure game developed by Raw Fury in partnership with Clifftop Games. It’s a throwback to classic adventure games.

Put yourself in Kathy’s shoes and solve the mystery

Kathy Rain follows an aspiring journalist as she explores the bizarre disappearance of her grandfather. Kathy is only equipped with her beloved motorbike, laptop and her wits back in the 1990s in the era of laser discs and landlines. Kathy will uncover a local secret that will take her on an eventful journey as she travels through her hometown of Conwell Springs.

The Director’s Cup features an expanded storyline, including a deeper and more satisfying finale, as well as new locations to explore and new gameplay and puzzles. Instead of the ratio of the original game, this updated edition offers gamers 16: 9 widescreen backgrounds.

The developers today released a new trailer, narrated by Arielle Siegel, who voices Kathy in the game, which details some improved elements from the original 2016 game that will be included in this new edition.

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cup will be available for PC and Mac via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices on October 26, 2021.

Watch the game’s launch date trailer below!

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