Puzzle game

KeyWe is a very cute puzzle game featuring mail birds in August

I don’t feel like I have to work very hard to explain the appeal of KeyWe, a game where you control kiwi birds in a remote post office. As I have established, if your game features a bird, I am already interested, and bird mail? Double-sold.

In KeyWe the kiwi birds are called Jeff and Debra (adorable!) This work makes KeyWe a bit of a puzzle game, if you call it Overcooked! a puzzle game: control the birds you have to jump in the post office, assemble word to letter pieces to send by post. It seems to escalate quickly, with intricate treadmills, storms, mosquito attacks, and haunting. New Zealand looks weird.

“Our little heroes will face new challenges at every level and in every room of the post office, whether they’re typing telegrams, packing shipping crates or helping an octopus sort mail, it’s all in. a working day for Jeff and Debra, ”says developer Joel in the KeyWe segment at the E3 Future Games Show.

I’m still trying to figure out the idea of ​​a post office that employs both kiwis and an octopus, but it looks like a cheerful place. And Joël ends with a strong connection: “You can dress your kiwis.” I will, Joel. I will do it.

As you may have understood, KeyWe is a cooperative game, so you’ll want to find a Jeff to your Debra before the game releases on August 31st. You can read more about it on Steam.