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Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is the next mobile game in the series

During the trailer for the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary of the series, Square Enix has unveiled a new mobile game titled Kingdom Hearts: missing link. The title is still in development, so there may be differences between the video and the final product. Contrary to Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, Missing Link will have voices and a more 3D look.

You can watch the trailer for Missing link here. It starts play at the 1:55 mark.

Kingdom Hearts: missing link will take place in Scala ad Caelum. You can explore the city’s sprawling streets by running or climbing buildings. The combat system seems to be similar to the Kingdom Hearts console games, which are more action-based than turn-based. The trailer showed off a variety of magic and skills you can use against Heartless. Although the trailer shows three playable characters, it’s unclear who they are or if they’re the only ones you can control.

This game first appeared during the 20th anniversary event of Kingdom Hearts, which took place in Tokyo. In the same video, Square Enix also showed a trailer for kingdom hearts 4. Sora will once again return as the main playable protagonist, and it will take place in the Tokyo city of Quadratum.

Kingdom Hearts: missing link is under development and closed beta testing of the mobile game will begin in 2022. It will be released on iOS and Android devices, but will be limited to specific regions.