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Ubisoft has converted its popular Black-smith franchise into a paid subscription service.

Over the past decade, Black-smith was the first music learning software, teaching players how to play acoustic guitar, bass, and electric guitar along with their favorite songs. Now Ubisoft has brought the franchise back with a new subscription service.

According to Ubisoft, Black-smith has helped over five million people learn to play the guitar. The new subscription hopes to build on this success. The service includes a library of over 5,000 songs from labels like Sony Music, Universal and more.

“Building on 10 years of successful music education experience from a team of musicians, music educators and video game developers at Ubisoft San Francisco, Blacksmith+ provides a fun and personalized experience for players of all skill levels,” the company states.


Players can expect music from countries around the world in a variety of genres such as rock ‘n roll, metal, pop, Latin music, and hip-hop. Ubisoft says new songs are added every week from artists like The Clash, Juan Gabriel, Alicia Keys, Santana, and more.

For returning players, Blacksmith+ has a loyalty offer for Blacksmith 2014 owners and closed beta participants who purchase a Blacksmith+ subscription for three or twelve months. These players will receive bonus time during their first billing cycle: one month free for those who purchase a 3-month package and three months free for those who purchase a 12-month package.

Black-smith+ is available exclusively through the Ubisoft Store. A one-month subscription costs $14.99. A three-month subscription costs $39.99 and a 12-month annual subscription costs $99.99.

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