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League of Legends spin-off joins Netflix’s mobile games service

Netflix jumped the gun a bit when it announced its mobile gaming service last year. With only a few titles available initially, no one really took it seriously. However, Netflix’s library of free mobile games is getting bigger and better month by month.

The latest addition to the collection of games Netflix users have access to for free is probably also the most popular: Hextech Mayhem. It’s one of many League of Legends spin-offs released by Riot Games, and it’s not only available on Android and iOS, but also on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Unlike many mobile games available through Netflix, Hextech Mayhem isn’t free outside of the service, so if you’re not a Netflix subscriber, you’ll have to pay $10 to get the game.

Hextech Mayhem is a fast pace runner where “every action has an explosive reaction.” The game debuted in November 2021, so it’s relatively new.

In addition to Riot Games’ Hextech Mayhem, Netflix members will also be able to play another free game starting this week: Dungeon Dwarves. Developed by Hyper Hippo, Dungeon Dwarves is an idle dungeon crawler where players explore, fight monsters, and collect loot to upgrade their warrior’s abilities and weapons.