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Marvel’s Avengers is free for a limited time

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You can play Marvel Avengers for free for a limited time on PS4 and PC. Learn more about trial periods and special bonuses here.

Play Marvel Avengers for free for a limited time. (Source: Square Enix)

Publisher Square Enix lets you play Marvel Avengers for free on PS4 over the weekend, and the title is also available as a free game for PC. However, you can only test the game for a short time.

You can try out Action RPG from July 29 to August 1, 2021. Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, and Steam.

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During the trial period, you can use all previously released game content. If you buy the game after the Free Weekend, the upgrade you make during that time can also be used.

The Free Weekend will be an event where you can collect four times the experience points.

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