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Marvel’s new mobile game “Snap”

Marvel has a unique card game coming soon…

The Disney Games Showcase Just Aired at D23 Expo 2022 and Marvel’s New Mobile Game marvel snap is heading towards us. This game comes from developers Nuverse, Second Dinner and Marvel Entertainment. It is a digital collectible card game that will be available for mobile devices and PC on October 18 this year.

This game will be a full Marvel multiverse fast-paced card battle game where you can use powered-up cards of your favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. You can now pre-register for this game on the Marvel Snap website.

The game will allow the player to collect and play cards based on all of your favorite Marvel characters in a PvP match, with each match taking around three minutes to complete. The cards will have a mix of classic comic style art, digital pixel art, and more. Take a look below at the trailer to get an idea of ​​the gameplay.

“We can’t believe the incredible response we received from gamers around the world who got to experience Marvel Snap during our beta period this summer,” said Tom van Dam, Senior Director of Comics and Partnerships for Marvel Snap. in Nuverse. He also went on to say that the game is a style of play that fans can’t get enough of and they can’t wait for players to gather their teams and play against each other starting October 18.

“If you like fast-paced strategic games and the thrill of throwing a powerful move to stop your opponent at the last second to win the big game, you’ll love it MARVEL SNAPsaid Ben Brode, director of development at Second Dinner.

As you can see from the images and the trailer, Marvel Snap is different from other card games, one way it does this is that your goal is to collect more “Cosmic Cubes” as you play. This deck should have over 150 cards, as well as over 80 slots for you to lay out your cards and battle. The game will have Cross Duel and the decks will consist of around 15 manageable cards. The game should have updates every month to help expand the world and hopefully continue to bring us more and more new maps as the Marvel movies come out.

Marvel Snap will be available on iOS, Android, and PC on October 18, and anyone who’s excited can go ahead and pre-register for the card game now.