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Microsoft’s DirectStorage 1.1 arrives to boost PC game load times with GPU decompression

Microsoft is release DirectStorage 1.1 this week, and the biggest new thing is the GPU decompression for windows pc games. The Verge reports: GPU decompression works by offloading the work needed to decompress resources in games to the graphics card instead of the CPU. Currently, game assets are typically compressed when packaged for distribution and then uncompressed once a game is played. The problem is that most compression techniques are designed for CPUs, which isn’t ideal for modern games that want faster decompression rates with the latest PC hardware.

We’ve seen the industry move to PCIe Gen3 or Gen4 NVMe storage devices in recent years, offering 7GB/s of data bandwidth. This fast storage is great news for game developers who want to speed up load times, and advances in I/O technology can dramatically speed up load times and games using DirectStorage 1.1. Developers will now have to modify their games to use DirectStorage 1.1, and the improvements could even see big changes in games where you move from one world to another or teleport between different parts of a map or a world. Microsoft claims it can be up to three times faster, freeing up the CPU to handle other gaming processes. […] All we need now is game support.