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Mind-blowing puzzle game viewfinder teases VR version

Earlier this month, indie studio Robot Turtle turned heads with a tweet about his mind-blowing puzzle game, Viewfinder. Now, a possible VR version of the game is being teased.

The viewfinder is all about solving problems by finding a new perspective on things. Missing a bridge in a catwalk? Raise an image of one up to the structure and it will suddenly be cemented into reality. In this month’s trailer, we even see classic 8-bit scenes made in 3D and tunnels appearing almost out of nowhere.

Yesterday, however, Callum Underwood, owner of Robot Teddy and co-owner of Robot Turtle, tweeted the following.

Interesting, isn’t it? This isn’t a direct confirmation that the game will support VR, but it certainly teases a lot of possibilities.

The base game itself is probably a long way off – in a previous tweet, Underwood made it clear that the game currently exists as a vertical installment the team is working on, but is looking for publishers as well. A full VR conversion is therefore by no means guaranteed, but it is still an enticing teaser.

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