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Mind-blowing recursive puzzle game ‘Patrick’s Parabox’ is coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Today, as part of a “Draknek Direct”, puzzle developer and publisher Draknek and Friends announced that they are bringing Patrick’s Parabox to the Nintendo Switch. If you’re a fan of the puzzle game genre that makes your brain sink, then you’ll love this one:

Patrick’s Parabox is an award-winning puzzle game that explores a unique recursive system of boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Learn to manipulate the structure of the world by pushing boxes into each other. Agree on what happens when a box contains itself and learn how to use infinity to your advantage. Explore many more recursive mechanics and twists as you delve deeper and deeper into the system. It’s boxes all the way down.

No release date yet, other than “soon”…which hopefully means it will take less than the ten years it took Sokobond to hit iOS and Android, which has also been announced in the Draknek Direct!

The puzzles warm you under the collar? Tell us in the comments. See also perhaps a therapist.