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Mobile gaming mobilizes gamers to recycle

What if people were not only encouraged to recycle, but were rewarded for doing so?

It’s the business proposition of ZeLoop, a blockchain cryptocurrency-related smartphone app that gamifies and rewards recycling. Today, the visionary incentive recycling company is stepping up its game in partnership with video game creator PlayTIX through the introduction of Harmonia: Country of Goyaa mobile game that rewards players who carry out eco-responsible actions.

With the slogan “Walk through the real and virtual worlds, recycle plastic bottles, earn money and in-game rewards!” the game marries the physical and virtual worlds of ecology and gaming in a user-friendly way.

“It’s up to every company to think about preserving our environment,” says Virgin Comolli, CMO of PlayTiX, a game studio with deep knowledge of blockchain mechanics. “We all need to rethink our daily actions to preserve our planet at all levels.

“With ZeLoop, we have developed new ways to entertain, educate and engage our players through eco-responsible actions. Blockchain and the interest in non-fungible token (NFT) gaming is a strategic key: we want to support, teach and involve our audience in good practices that will grant instant rewards and link them to eco-responsible behavior. Harmonia rewards ecological actions in the virtual world.

Harmonia Goya’s Land is the first Animal Crossing-like play-to-earn mobile game playable with virtual reality and augmented reality add-ons, combining farming actions, quests, taking care of dwellers and growing of the territory with an impact on the real world. These items can then be sold in the market or used to customize the game environment.


Additionally, the game adds another tangible, eco-centric layer: in partnership with Eden Reforestation, every tree planted in the game is planted in the real world.

“This again minimizes the game’s impact on the environment and empowers players with governance tokens, allowing them to vote for upcoming environmental actions,” says Comolli. “This is the power of NFTs for ecology.”

The game targets two types of characters, crypto enthusiasts and traditional mobile gamers, according to Comolli. The ZeLoop app targets Millennials and anyone who wants a cleaner environment. It focused on recycling PET bottles, although the platform is expandable to other environmental activities.

According to Eric Schaffner, co-founder and CEO of ZeLoop, a former head of Tetra Laval (now Sidel) with 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and a passion for recycling, it only took only one meeting between the two parties to create an action plan. “We heard about the development of Playtix and saw that the founders had the same vision as us for using gamification to positively impact our planet in the real world. It was evident after contacting them that we had to collaborate.After just one meeting, we set the framework.

ZeLoop sees gaming as sustainable.

Schaffner knew more needed to be done for the environment because the status quo, with trash found everywhere, was not working.

“By taking gamification a step further with a strong connection to a play-to-earn game whose gameplay is focused on caring and collaboration, we believe we can inspire more people to change towards sustainable behavior in the physical world,” he tells us. . “Harmonia: Goya’s Land and ZeLoop players will become ‘eco-heroes’ fighting litter and because there are multiple rewards and benefits for them. We believe players will stay engaged for the long term, increasing the collection rate and significantly reducing waste.

The gameplay journey to create multiple interactions began on April 27 with a beta test, first stage Harmonia Eco Mission available in the ZeLoop app. The game will be available for IOS, Android and PC. ZeLoop is already available and free on IOS and Android.

“The top collector in this month-long contest will win a Tree NFTpack that will provide awesome in-game benefits,” Schaffner explains. “As new features are released, game players will be able to play more in-game by playing more in the ZeLoop app.”

The final release of the first game is scheduled for September. This will enable free play, although the creators point out that to “enjoy all the mechanics of the game, at least one NFT is required”.


The ZeLoop app rewards consumers who recycle PET bottles through local and regional prizes.

PlayTIX’s view is that gaming provides value to customers.

“Play2Earn enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to engage in projects and earn NFTs,” says Comolli. “We introduced ZeLoop to our community around an important event in the life of a ‘Play2Earn’ game: a sale. A sale, or more commonly known as a “drop”, a time-limited event where players can purchase unique NFTs in a very limited supply. To have a chance to participate in this drop, players complete an Eco Mission on the ZeLoop application. We took the opportunity to orient our players towards ecology and be rewarded for useful actions. Their rewards are the crypto they earn by collecting plastic bottles and whitelisting our NFT sales. This brings value to our players, who have more ways to participate and can discover new ways to earn money. By bringing value to this community, PlayTiX and this game gain confidence and show what their vision is, differentiating us from our competitors. It is an advantage for the image and the brand and a long-term investment.

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