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Mondo TV announces the launch of the video game ‘MeteoHeroes’ – VideoAge International

Mondo TV has confirmed the digital global launch of the video game MeteoHeroes: saving planet Earth.

MeteoHeroes: saving planet Earth launching today on PlayStation and PC, with an expected rollout to retail stores later in the fall. The game is co-produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment España, Gammera Nest and Mondo TV Studios.

The game is inspired by the animated environmental-themed children’s show WeatherHero, which is co-produced by Mondo TV and Meteo Operations Italia (MOPI), in partnership with Itsy Bitsy Entertainment. The show will travel to North America as part of Mondo TV’s partnership with Kenn Viselman and his Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company.

Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Studios, said, “With its strong characters, compelling storylines and highly original premise, WeatherHero is perfectly adapted to the video game market. Add the best known names in entertainment, development and platforms and we are sure that MeteoHeroes: saving planet Earth will be a huge hit with the series’ rapidly growing fan base.

Kenn Viselman, executive producer for WeatherHero in North America, added: “Once in a lifetime, a project has as much impact as WeatherHero come. The genius of the creative team at Mondo TV & Luigi Latini is evidenced by the fact that the MeteoHeroes have already achieved “platinum status” by having a PlayStation game before the series even aired in the United States. MeteoHeroes: saving planet Earth gives children the opportunity to extend the action beyond television and become the hero of the game. The mission of the series is to give hope to children and help them understand that it is not necessary to have a cape to be a superhero.

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