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MOSAIC CHRONICLES stained glass puzzle game gets mobile release – GameTyrant

The Irish indie developer Error 300 Games recently announced that its story-based puzzle game Chronicles Mosaics will be released for mobile on the App Store and Google Play. The game will be available to play for free with the option to disable ads with a one-time purchase. The team also announced other updates for the Steam version of the game, including new playable chapters and general bug fixes.

Chronicles Mosaics is inspired by the beauty of stained glass art, and each chapter of the game is based on the author’s original worksOlga Gromyko. Chronicles Mosaics will feature “A Bit of Horoscoping” – the first story from the original Steam release. The second story, “The Lucky Knot”, will be added to iOS and Android at a later date. “A Bit of Horoscoping” tells a story of courage, love, luck…and the importance of reading skills! Once solved, the full story can be enjoyed inMosaic Chronicles’Built-in gallery, similar to a storybook.

Players progress through the game by rotating pieces of stained glass to make larger portraits, and each completed portrait can be viewed in the in-game gallery. The more rooms you complete, the more story you unlock. You can check out the trailer for the mobile version ofChronicles Mosaicsbelow.