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Narrative Kaleidoscope Puzzle Game RECURSIVE RUIN Launches This Week – GameTyrant

Bringing an interesting narrative may be a random aspect for a puzzle game, but the art style is a central aspect for games of the genre. Developers little rot opted for a mash of color in a kaleidoscope style for their soon-to-be-released title Recursive Ruin. Soon players will be able to explore the secrets of this game as a publisher Interactive Iceberg releases it on PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games on May 18.

Players are invited into an infinitely recursive landscape aptly named the Infinite Worlds. Caught in a mix of existential crisis and environmental puzzles, players must find their way around turning the world to their advantage. The Infinite Realms are filled with strange and devious inhabitants, hidden spaces and mind-bending physics. Players have a unique ability allowing you to move the eternally repeating world inward or outward to their advantage as if playing with a kaleidoscope toy. Open barred paths, overcome plunging depths and trick motion sensors.

Recursive Ruin aims to deliver a story that dives deep into the player’s psyche to deal with past trauma, grief, and a creative crisis. There’s a free demo on Steam if you want to try out the game before committing to adding it to your library later this week.