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Netflix acquires mobile game developer Boss Fight Entertainment

Netflix is ​​taking the next steps to grow its mobile games division with the purchase of Dungeon Boss to develop Boss Fight Entertainment.

Netflix acquires mobile game developer Boss Fight Entertainment

netflix has taken the next steps to forge its way into the gaming world. Earlier this week, the streaming giant bought mobile game developer Boss Fight Entertainment in a move that will almost certainly help Netflix bolster what is currently a small catalog when it comes to its game offerings.

Netflix first announced it was going into video games last summer, though it turns out the company wasn’t aiming for a rivalry with Xbox or PlayStation with its offerings. Instead, most of the games offered by the platform are smaller-scale PC or mobile games that can be easily played using touch controls on tablets or smartphones. By acquiring the mobile game developer like Dungeon BossNetflix seems to plan to continue in this direction with experts in the field.


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The New York Times reported that Netflix on Thursday announced the acquisition of new mobile games from Boss Fight Entertainment, which has 130 employees, in what is effectively the second acquisition by a smaller game developer this month. Netflix adds Boss Fight and Next Games to a growing catalog of acquisitions that began last fall with the purchase of Without beef Night School developer.


Even with these three companies, it’s clear that Netflix’s video game strategy is just starting to pick up speed. It certainly has fewer companies under its umbrella than the big game companies like Microsoft or Sony, although it doesn’t need to have that size of investment either to see some success with the way it does. chooses to enter the ultra-competitive business.

Currently, the entire Netflix video game library includes titles that can be found on other platforms such as stranger things 3 and Hextech Mayhem. However, the company has made it clear that it eventually wants to offer original games that will only be available on its service. Adding Boss Fight Entertainment to his stable will certainly help him do just that.

netflix also seems to be going slower when it comes to its foray into the gaming world than other newer entries like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. It’s possible that the company has learned from the mistakes of these other newbies and is taking its time and really making sure it has an idea of ​​what it wants to do and how to do it, rather than investing a ton of time and money and jump in with both feet right away.

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Source: The New York Times


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