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Netflix Series Kingdom is getting a mobile and PC game adaptation

Action Square studio has released a trailer for its upcoming mobile RPG game Kingdom: The Blood. The upcoming game is based on the Netflix Kingdom series and aims to be true to the series by recreating the series’ characters, zombies, and vicious action.

Action Square guarantees that Korean culture will be treated with “the utmost care in both gameplay and aesthetics”. The studio used professional Korean sword dancers to properly replicate Korean-style combat. Additionally, players will have various costume options to customize their characters, including Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), which features deep colors and textures representative of 16th-century Korea. Players will be able to explore scenic Korean locations while exploring the zombie-infested city of Hanyang.

Kingdom: The Blood will feature both PvP and PvE elements, a story mode that follows the Netflix series, and a five-minute battle mode called Conquest. Kingdom: The Blood has no release date but will launch on mobile and PC.

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