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New Call of Duty mobile game in the works at Activision

Activision is opening a new studio to make the game.

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Image via Activision

Activision confirmed in their latest winnings call they are working on a new one Call of Duty game for mobile. Details regarding the game have yet to be revealed, but the game is being developed by a dedicated team. Activision announced the creation of an internal studio that will work with Beenox and Activision Shanghai.

The game was first mentioned in June by a job posting on Activision’s career page. The job description suggested that it was an “AAA” mobile game. It reads:

“Our first project is a new triple-A mobile title in the Call of Duty franchise and we are looking for top talent from the mobile, console and PC worlds who are passionate about their work, who share our belief that triple-A experiences on mobile can and must be. ”

The game is meant to be a mobile response to Call Of Duty: War Zone, although nothing has been confirmed by Activision.


Image via Activision

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Activision already has a Call of Duty mobile phone game, Call of Duty: Mobile. The game was a huge success for Activision, as in May 2021 they announced that it had reached over 500 million downloads. The game has also generated over $ 1 billion in revenue from in-game purchases. Activision continues to support the current mobile game, and it remains to be seen whether support will continue after the launch of the next game. .

Activision also said that the upcoming premium Call of the duty is on the right track and is led by Sledgehammer Games. Activision described the game as “a seamless experience” for current and next-gen consoles. The game is slated for Q4 2021. While details regarding the mobile and premium titles are still unknown, we hope to hear from Activision soon.

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