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New independent Metroidvania Grime releases on PC

Dirt, Clover Bite’s highly anticipated indie action RPG Metroidvania, is out now for PC.

The day of Clover Bite has arrived. The independent studio, which announced its next big project on October 29, announced the release of its new game, Dirt. The game is a fast-paced and brutal action-adventure RPG in which you crush your enemies with living weapons that change shape and function, then eat their leftovers with a black hole to upgrade your ship as you tear apart a world of horror and anatomical intrigue.

A full-fledged dark Metroidvania

Dirt allows you to play according to your preferences, improving only the qualities that you feel are most suited to your own style. As you travel through a range of fascinating locations, meet their inhabitants, and uncover the root of their madness, you’ll find that there are many ways to separate an opponent.

Clover Bite’s enthusiasm for their new game is evident in every aspect. DirtThe ultimate product of, from graphics to gameplay, is a Metroidvania that will cause considerable stir among genre fans.

Some of the features provided by the game are as follows:

  • Death defying fight: Punish your opponents by parrying their strikes, smashing them from the ground or even in the air, and absorbing them to increase your power as you wage war on a living planet.
  • Stunning surrealism: Uncover enigmatic mysteries hidden in weeping caves and face-covered desserts. Meet strange characters from many civilizations spread across a dynamic and linked universe, all rendered in supernatural 3D. Face the enemies created by the world and devour them whole.
  • Challenge amazing bosses: Destroy monsters dozens of times your size. Adapt to their tactics, repel their attack, and eat them to acquire game-changing powers that influence both battle and traverse.

The game will provide a tall order for players and enthusiasts of Metroidvania alike, with a tough fighting style, a new risk / reward system to implement upgrades, and a huge environment to explore.

Dirt is currently available for $ 24.99 on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Humble store, and Stadia Pro with a 10% discount for the game’s release.

Watch the Dirt launch the trailer below!

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