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New Open World Puzzle Game ‘Aethernaut’ Launches Today on Steam

Developer Dragon Slumber sent its first-person puzzle game ethernaut in the world. From now on, passionate adventurers can dive into the open world of ethernaut through Steam. There’s a special introductory discount for the game that will run until March 22, 2022, for $16.99. After that date, it will revert to its original price of $19.99. But now might be the best time to get your hands on this colorful title.

Find out who you really are in Aethernaut

Life, happiness, usefulness, death – these are all thought-provoking words that can trigger philosophical discoveries. In Ethernaut, you will explore 100 unique puzzle rooms that you will have to solve with light, portals and alternate dimensions. In a nutshell, you’ll manipulate space and time as you uncover the secrets of the vast construct and yourself. The game also comes with multiple endings, so it’s unclear where you might end up.

Aethernaut launches on Steam from developer Dragon Slumber

It all sounds incredibly deep, and it is. Lead developer at Dragon Slumber Kevin Giguère probably explains the concept of ethernaut better:

Freedom of choice was the most important aspect that I wanted to offer players. In Aethernaut, players choose which puzzles to complete and there are no right or wrong answers to philosophical questions. Each choice allows players to express their individuality.

ethernaut is a title that challenges you to find who you are. As you progress through the story, you will begin to follow a specific path that you have set for yourself. You may be trying to save a world on the verge of oblivion, but the game offers so much more to the player. ethernaut is available now on Steam for $16.99 until March 22, when it will be set at $19.99. There’s also a demo in case you want to try it out first, not to mention that the developer is showcasing gameplay to coincide with the game’s release. If this open-world puzzler sounds like something to you, let us know. know in the comments what you think!