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New PC Game ‘Squirrel with a Gun’ Holds the Internet Hostage

A new game on Steam has sent the internet into a frenzy with its unique mechanics and fitting title.

Squirrel with a gun is a new title developed in Unreal Engine 5 by Daniel DeEntremont and as the title suggests, it’s a rodent-based third-person shooter that sees players controlling a squirrel on a crime spree.

Footage of the game’s development was released as early as May this year, with a quick tech demo showcasing Unreal Engine 5’s fur lighting physics and gun physics, which can be used to send the squirrel in the air.

While the game is still in development, its creator is working on new features, such as melee combat and disarming.

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Commit a small robbery.

Pretend to be a cat like in Wander.

And defend yourself from random encounters with secret agents.

Squirrel with a gun is available to wishlist on Steam right now, although no release date has been given for the upcoming title.

But even at an early stage of development, Squirrel with a gun already gathers a certain number of fans.

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