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NFT: Nexon jumps into the game metaverse with its MapleStory mobile game

Nexon Co. Ltd, the video game publisher specializing in online games for PC and mobile, has entered the blockchain and the metaverse with its “MapleStory”, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or title of MMORPG game.

Nexon plans to build its own NFT ecosystem that will utilize said mobile game’s Adventure Island. According to the report released on Wednesday, June 8, Nexon COO Kang Dae Hyun confirmed that they will use the game’s vast domains to build an NFT community.

The COO explained that the MapleStory Adventure Island universe would be transformed into a shared NFT Adventure Island space. He said that later they expect this platform to be part of the evolution of the gaming meta-universe as well as the blockchain world.

In the meta-universe, Nexon said users can freely and directly create, buy or sell non-fungible tokens in “MapleStory”. Again, Nexon won’t rush things and enter the play-to-win model. He will start by integrating blockchain into his mobile game first, then do more later.

“It’s been less than a year since the hype around the ‘Play to Earn (P2E)’ model started,” Kang Dae Hyun said at the Nexon Developers Conference (NDC) on Wednesday. “Since it is still in the fledgling stage, blockchain games have shown many flaws with an emphasis on selling coins and items to make a profit.”

Pulse News noted that before Nexon announced the building of an NFT ecosystem, it was not interested in the idea of ​​blockchain-based games. However, the company has changed its perspective as it can now see its huge potential.

Finally, during the NDC, Kang also revealed the four projects they are working on, namely “MapleStory N”, “Mod N”, “MapleStory N Mobile” and “MapleStory N SDK”. The first title mentioned is a role-playing video game (RPG) where users can collect tokens and NFTs by destroying monsters and completing various quests.

He stated that players will have full ownership of NFT items they have obtained while playing, and these can be traded with other players. “On MapleStory N, the only way for players to collect items is to play the game because there are no cash stores or items people can buy with money,” Kang added. .