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Nintendo 64 Video Game Brings Glover Back to PC; Game changes and release date!

Glover returns to PC in April!

A cult classic among gamers, Glover was released for the Nintendo 64 at the time in October 1998.

Piko Interactive said the revitalized game still feels like its 1998 originality, of course, with a modern twist and compatibility. The remastered Glover will be available on Steam next month.

Glover by Piko Interactive

Glover is a puzzle-packed adventure game with a total of 30 levels spread across six unique worlds. Glover is a game between a glove and a ball playing the role of the main character. Players must maneuver the glove to successfully kick the ball through obstacles towards the finish line.

Piko Interactive, the company behind the remake, describes the game as being “completely redone from the original source code” but also “enhanced for modern PCs”.

On April 20, 2022, the remake will be available for purchase through Steam, GOG, and the Bleem Store.

Piko Interactive explained how the release date decision was made. It was said that they chose April 20 because it’s a fun date.

The company took to Twitter with the announcement, saying the long wait was finally over. Piko Interactive tweeted:

“The #N64 Era Cult Classic Glover is coming soon! This version of #Glover is completely remade from the original source code (N64 version of the game) and enhanced for modern PCs.”

As reported by VGC, Glover is a fantasy adventure series that follows the conquests of an iconic glove on a quest to restore the Crystal Kingdom. The objective of the game is for players to guide a ball through a series of levels while jumping between moving platforms.

Glover was created in 1998 by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro for Nintendo 64. In 1999 it was released for PlayStation. The game studios produced a number of other games until it closed in 2013.

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Glover remastered

According to The playerPiko Interactive, the company behind the remake, claims that the game has been “completely remade from the original source code”, but has also been improved for modern computers.

Its website describes the company as “the leading content provider for retro video game consoles, plug-and-play consoles and retro digital distribution platforms”, with a mission to “bring the highest quality new games retro video for our beloved consoles”.

Piko is a game development and publishing company specializing in creating new games from the iconic console games of the past.

Piko Interactive not only remakes Nintendo Entertainment System games, it also makes games for Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Gameboy Color and the original Gameboy.

Glover and Glover 2

It was also revealed by Interactive that Glover was supposed to have a Glover 2 sequel.

Previously, Piko Interactive, the company that now owns the license, said they wanted to release a full version of Glover 2 because the game seemed almost finished at the time of its cancellation.

Glover received positive reviews at the time, with Edge magazine giving the N64 version a 7/10. Unfortunately, the game in the PlayStation version received a dismal 2.1 out of 5 stars from IGN.

Due to its poor performance and graphics that looked noticeably worse than its N64 counterpart, it did not continue.

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