Puzzle game

Nokia’s classic Snake game becomes dungeon puzzle game

Don’t be fooled by this adorable snake: instead of ripping apple cores, it gobbles up whole people. Temple of Snek by Aetheric Games takes the classic Snake game and turns it into a dungeon with puzzles.

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This week we have a game designed to look like the Cartoon Network shows from the 90s, a Star Fox type runner, a dark mecha game, and a game where you explore the world as a cat with all your cat friends. Read on for this week’s Cool WIP.

An upgrade to playing Snake on a Nokia

The above Temple of Snek stars a snake that looks like it was crocheted, and places it in a dark, deep dungeon. In line with previous iterations of Snake games you will get fat eating people, except here you will have to solve a riddle to get out. You can actually grab it when it comes to early access later this week.

It’s like Cuphead, but an animation in the style of the 90s

Fumi games’ Taxi Galaxi looks like Cup head because it’s animated and is hell, too – except that it features the whimsical trippy worlds some Cartoon Network shows are known for. This is just a GIF from the game hub, but even driving in his world feels straight out of Rick and morty. There is no release date for the game yet, but you are calling follow the developers on the game page here.

Transformers, but make it more like Metroid

Looking to get your fix of cool mecha? Well you should check out these dark and twisted creations by Andrew Gilmour. They are for an upcoming game called Valfaris: Mecha. These robots are surrounded by an ominous fear – and some Metroid vibes. There’s no release date yet but Gilmour’s page is filled with all kinds of cool bots to browse.

Attention Fox McCloud

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on with the text of this tweet from developers, but the game looks great! Future reality is a space racing game inspired by original PlayStation graphics. It feels like a darker, spookier version of a Star Fox game. A short clip posted on the game’s page shows the ship navigating a tunnel and going through sharp teeth. It is currently carried out by a small team, listed on the game’s Twitter page, and you can follow the team’s progress there.

Cats are all the rage

From Calico To Wander, cat-based games are currently the cat’s meow. This untitled game shows a two-tone cutie running with her friend following her. It looks like some kind of platform game. A extract from the game shows the cat jumping, but when it lands in the water the cat screams and its eyes bulge in a cartoonish way. While it doesn’t have a name or release date yet, you can follow its creator, Patryk Majgat, on Twitter for updates.