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Nominated for Best Destructoid PC Game of 2021 – Destructoid

It’s amazing what you can do with a mouse and keyboard these days

It’s always fun to see what makes it the Best PC Game category on Destructoid each year, as the entries are all so eclectic due to the flexible nature of the platform. It’s that time of year again, and our PC nominees for 2021 are finally here: we have adrenaline-pumping zombie shooters, adorable renditions of the art process via an adventure game, and a new take on a beloved classic series, just to name a few. There is pretty much something for everyone in this category alone, which really shows how much games have continued to grow and evolve over time.

It’s nice to see games like to the east and Chicory: a colorful tale do the category, because they focus on a slower, more thoughtful experience. These are a few of my favorite types of games, and I remember a time when something like that was inconceivable, or worse, considered a lesser experience because it didn’t draw on the more game-oriented origins. combat of the first video games.

The forgotten citythe appointment of is notable due to his former status as a famous Skyrim mod before embarking on his own fully realized project. It really goes to show that with the right idea and a little bit of hard work, just about anyone can achieve well-deserved success in the video game business. Hell, games as famous as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and Garry‘s Mod all started this way so it’s cool to see another outsider like The forgotten city entered the category.

Here are the nominees for Destructoid’s Best PC Game of 2021: