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Nominated for the Destructoid mobile game for 2021 – Destructoid

It’s a celly, it’s a tool (and also a device for playing games)

After the nightmare of 2020, it was nice to see the world make a little headway over the past 12 months as we slowly approached the new normal from here on out. Stores have reopened, closures have ended, masks have been burned in an untimely celebration, and millions of people around the world have been vaccinated and reinforced against COVID-19.

With these inoculations came a return to the office for many people, including myself. Two days a week I go back to work, sit at a desk and feel like I have a real job instead of one where I get paid to watch Girls Generation videos on my iPad all the time. daytime. It was so nice to watch anything other than the white walls of my apartment for once, and returning to my office meant enjoying all of the best mobile games 2021 had to offer during my breaks and lunches.

And yes, 2021 had some outstanding mobile games for download on all devices. Apple Arcade had another record breaking year with top-notch titles from some of the industry’s top developers as the free-to-play market grew with games that continued to bridge the divide between mobile and console. / pc.

Here are the nominees for the best Destructoid mobile game of 2021:

CJ Andriessen

Exactly what the Internet needs: yet another white man who writes about video games.