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NoxPlayer mobile games emulator adds voice chat

NoxPlayer Adds Free Live Voice Chat

The NoxPlayer Android emulator has a brand new voice chat feature at version This feature called OnMic allows players to chat live while playing on PC and even join public clubs to find teammates.

NoxPlayer’s OnMic feature is free for all users. Players can create or join a private or public chat room or game club. OnMic will therefore be ideal for private chats with friends or even to find new teammates for certain games in public rooms.

Therefore, this new feature will be ideal for players of games like Free Fire, PUBG, League of Legends, and Among Us. For users looking to expand their gaming circle, this is a welcome update.

After users upgrade to the new version, they can follow the steps detailed in this Publish. Users will need to sign in using Facebook or Google to use the feature. Once logged in, you can create a free chat room open to the public, or create one with a password to make it private.

And for players looking for new allies to join them in the games, they should check out the Discover Clubs section. This is where players can join the public chat rooms available for the game they are playing.

NoxPlayer users can upgrade to start using OnMic today in all of their games. New users can download NoxPlayer on Windows or Mac, giving them access to Android 7/9 games.