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Our 2021 PC Game of the Year is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Death Loopour 2021 PC game of the year, is confirmed to be on its way to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, following a flurry of images showing off the game on the store.

I bet you didn’t even have to click on this article to figure out what our 2021 PC Game of the Year was. You’re very dedicated to reading our stuff, I know, you wake up at dawn with a cup of coffee so strong it has the consistency of molasses to catch up with all our messages. We appreciate it very much. I’m not even saying that. For starters though, 2021 has been a very strong year for gaming and has led to plenty of debate about which games should take the top spots on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. Appreciatively, Death Loop stood out among the potentials and we think you’ll love jumping your feet into this sleek time-loop shooter when it comes to Xbox Game Pass.

Experience explosive gameplay from Death Loop here:

While we knew the game would be coming to Xbox once the exclusivity deal expired, neither Bethesda nor Arkane had indicated when that would happen. However, some pictures of Death Loop available for purchase on Xbox has slipped through the cracks and now we have official word from Bethesda. Posted on September 20, Death Loop will be included in the Xbox Game Pass and cross-play will be possible between the three platforms. The online mode is extremely entertaining, so it’s music to my ears. The Goldenloop update – which is free for those on Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus – brings an all-new Runaway ability, a new weapon, a new enemy type, new trinkets and more. Hope to see you somewhere on Blackreef next week. Just be sure to run in a zigzag to make it a bit more fun.